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Partnering with industry leading manufactures and distributors enables us to provide organically cultivated top quality strains of hemp and which has the highest quality of cannabidiols (CBD) and hemp products.

We provide a variety organically grown high-quality CDB products which are each pharmaceutically graded and tested.   Every Product has a Certificates of Analysis which is available upon request.

Our collection ranges from oils, tinctures, skin care, pet products and more.

Not the same as Medical Marijuana.  Though the Industrial Hemp used to produce Elixinol is a special variety of Cannabis Sativa – a relative of Marijuana – it does not contain the same psychoactive properties of THC as Marijuana does, and as such, is not limited to small serving sizes, and will not cause you to get “high”.  This makes Industrial Hemp a much more practical source of Cannabinoids.

Over 500 Nutrients

Hemp contains Well Over 500 Nutrients That Your Body Was Designed For.  Modern science has identified over 500 Phytonutrients in various parts of the plant from the seeds, right through to the roots.  These include hundreds of Terpenoids, Essential Oils, and Antioxidants.  The most dynamic group of Antioxidants are a group of 80 compounds called Cannabinoids that are exclusively found both in hemp and in our bodies.  We offer a variety of 100% Organic Hemp Products.

All Products Are Legally Imported.  Elixinol is not Medical Marijuana
so you do not require a special permit to buy Elixinol Hemp Oil (Extract).
It is organically grown and processed in choice locations of northern Europe or North America, before it is imported into the USA under approved tariff- codes and can be purchased online and shipped to your home anywhere in the USA, and other approved countries.